Syrena Legacy | Book Review

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Imagine the possibility of talk to fish, swimming to the depths of the ocean without your ears popping and maybe even having a fin tale to help get past harsh currents.

Imagine the idea of mermaids or merefolk singing Under the Sea (not really).

The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks is a trilogy that consists of:

Of Poseidon
Of Triton
Of Neptune

that follows these merepeople, except they call themselves Syrenas.(much cooler name if you ask me)

In this story you follow the life of a young girl named Emma as she discovers that she isn't exactly all human...*hinthint* Along side with the Prince of the Triton Kingdom, Galen, who has been sent to land to find a girl who can apparently communicate with fish (iwonderwhothatis). When Emma and Galen crash into each other --literally - an adventure brews as Emma helps Galen save his Kingdom from COMPLETE DESTRUCTION! Not really, but Emma aids Galen with the troubles that are bubbling under the sea.

Disclaimer: Romance sparks between Emma and Galen....duh.

I do not want to give too much about the story plot because I want you lovely people to actually go on and read it but...the story begins with a very heart wrenching scene since someone dies and you're are just like "Whoa what".  Once all that is over with and the story rolls along between Emma's and Galen's point you will be in for some prepared for a few plot twists (that you can see coming if you pay attention closely to the clues Banks gives).

I really enjoyed that the story did not focus on the romance between Galen and Emma, their relationship was part of the story and made it move forward, but it was not the main point. Banks goes into vast detail creating the world of the Syrena; how they work, what they do, how they look and where they live. On land and under water, she even gives readers bit of history of the Syrena that helps the story move along, and keep it going.

She even makes you fall in love with a whale...yup that's right... a whale. The cutest whale of the world (you'll see).

So go to your nearest bookstore or library and pick up a copy Of Poseidon and dive into -hah get it?- the word of the Syrenas.

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New Orleans, Louisiana | Travel

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I just returned from a quick "business" trip. I went to the marvelous city of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a very out of the blue trip, but it was an experience I will never forget. I entered the city with a very opened mind since all I knew about New Orleans was what I had seen from Disney's: Princess and the Frog... and that New Orleans is famous for its Mardi Grass festival. When I arrived the first thing I did was visit Bourbon Street (after checking in to the hotel of course). Bourbon Street is one of wildest street in the French Quarter. There was bars everywhere, alcohol everywhere, strip clubs everywhere, live music everywhere, street performances everywhere, life in every corner. I immediately understood why people made such a big deal about visiting New Orleans.

I have not travel very far in the states, and living in Miami I have never experienced anything like New Orleans. It is hard to compare Miami to New Orleans since I have never actually tried to experience Miami as a tourist...anyways.

There is a well define difference between the night life and the day life in New Orleans. Just like any major city, but the music was always alive and flowing in New Orleans. Whether is was mid-day with the sun right smack in the middle of the sky or late evening with the dimming of the lights as shops close for the day...the music was always pouring out on the streets. There were all sorts of performers on the street...from saxophone players, trumpet players, trombone players, violin players, guitars, ukeleles, banjos, kazoos. Someone, somewhere, was playing and bringing life to the world.

After the business aspect of the "business" trip was done and settled with, I explored the city the best I could in about a 12-hour time span. In these 12 hours, I was blown away by the architecture; modern metropolis buildings mixed in with vintage like buildings. Right along side with art shown off around the streets: musically, artistically and performances.

I also visited Cafe du Monde, a coffee shop that has been open since the 1800s. Then had some of their world famous beignets (rectangular powdered doughnuts). If I could have... I would have probably eaten like twenty beignets, because they were heavenly. Once you take the first bite of the warm beignet and watch the white powdered sugar fall over the itty bitty plate in front of you...nothing matters...other the fact that you don't want to share with anyone else.

There was also the Mississippi River, (it was nice to be able to see the only river you know in the USA map). It was massive...and murky. I would definitely never want to swim in there...but having it's fog engulf you entirely is something to add to any bucket list. It was an odd sensation, having your vision suddenly become opec as the fog...well fog your vision and having random wisps of cold air tickle your skin and the fog continues on rolling into only desaperate minutes later.

Boutiques are another must see when exploring New Orleans. I love boutiques more than a regular shop because you are able to find more unique candles that smell like famous book authors or vintage furniture or high quality hats or even voodoo dolls.

One day I will return to New Orleans with more than 24 hours to spare and with more spending money, because it is definitely one of those cities one must visit and explore before settling down and disappearing into the ground.

New Orleans

Some of the amazing architecture 

Cute little book shop I found

Mississippi River

Lunch: Gumbo and Crabcake

Author Candles

Beignets at Cafe du Monde

Street performers

Beautiful church

When the river, the fog and the sky became one

This is my life, my beautiful life and I love it!


Sloan's Ice Cream Shop

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There is the cutest ice cream shop hidden in West Palm Beach. It resides in an open plaza where music is always ringing and people flood in and out. Tourists and residents.

Sloan's is an ice cream shop that captures the eyes of many of those who dare walk by. 

From its sign to its decor. This ice cream shop screams, "Come on in!". It reminds me a lot of a cartoon with its decoration. If you believe that entrance is adorable and captivating...dare to look inside.

It is not just an ice cream shop with savory homemade ice cream...but a shop with cute little nick nacks of ll sorts. Stuff animals, toys, unicorns on a stick, funny bandaids and semi-fallic nacks. 

All sorts of sweets reside inside (though it's ice cream is all I had). There is fudge, truffles, cake/cake pops, macaroons, caramel apples, gummy bears...the list goes on!

(Cake lollis)
(Fudge Cameral Apples)
(Candy, Gummies, and more candy)
(Fudge pops and Caramel apples)
(Sparkly cake pops)

If I had enough stomach I would have probably tried everything single thing in the store, but every time I return I try to have a new sweet (I've tried four of their many flavours ice creams)

(The ice cream counter filled cute nick nacks)

This a possible eatig area for the delicious sweets Sloan's has to offer. I feel like a resident of Candy Land everything I take a seat in there. It's like a childhood dream come true with all the cute and frilly shenanigans 

I reccomemd this place to anyone who happens to tell me that they are crossing paths in West Palm Beach.

Sloan's is one of the best ice cream shops I have ever been to! If you ever happen to be in West Palm Beach take a few minutes of your day to go to West Palm Beach City Plaza and go to the best ice cream shop beside the Panera. Childhoods will be relived here!


Q&A A Day Journal | Review | YouTube

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If you are looking for a quick, simply and easy way to start a journal or a diary! You should try getting your hands on a Q&A A Day Journal. 

You wont regret it!

Watch my review and understand why~

This is my life. My beautiful life and I love it!


Warby Parker Glasses | Review

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After four and a half years with the same pair of glasses it was time for a new upgrade. Originally, I was going to purchase a pair of glasses at my University's optical store/clinic place. I got my eye exam (found out my eyesight got slightly worse....yippee!) and browsed the model glasses offered at the store. I almost bought a pair...but I needed to finish paying my tuition before indulging myself with fabulous new glasses. I did some glasses window shopping on the internet for a couple of days.
And since Google monitors your search it knew that I was in search for new eye-ware.

A Warby Parker ad showed up on the feed of my Facebook. Curious...I clicked on the link and found myself browsing their website. Buying glasses online is a risky ordeal, because glasses are something you have to try on to see if it works with your face shape.

Warby Parker tackles this dilemma wonderfully. You are allowed to choose up to 5 frames and Warby Parker ships the frames FOR FREE to your home for a free trial. 

You try on your chosen frames, ship it back and then buy your favorite frame(s) with you eye prescription online.

I chose the frames called "Haskell in Crystal"

My glasses took much longer than the estimated shipment arrival day, but when I contacted Warby Parker they were very understanding and were willing to re-ship my order if it did not arrive in the next couple of days.

Thankfully the glasses finally arrived! And it was like Christmas all over again~

The box is very elegant. I believe with any packaging you should always be simple. It is a nice ash gray and it has the company's name engraved in the middle.

Inside the box is a glasses compact case. It is lovely, the texture is what really called my attention it is a bit hard to is rough but smooth...does that make sense? Anyways, it is very elegant just like the box it came it.

Then you open the compact case and in it are the glasses. As well as a little carry on pouch that is as soft as silk! I am currently using the pouch for my sunglasses.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my new Warby Parker glasses. The delayed arrival did bother me a bit since my previous glasses were giving me massive headaches as I switched from correct prescription contact lenses to incorrect prescription eyeglasses...but now it is all good!

Check me out~ 
These glasses are much lighter in weight than my previous pair. Sometimes I forget that I have them on!!

Shipping: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Comfort: 6/5
Overall: 5/5


Study Abroad l Summer 2015

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In most Universities it is often advised to participate in a study abroad program. I have fallen under the university's advice and applied to a summer study abroad program. The program that I have embarked on is: Intensive Japanese in Kyoto.

Ever since I was a child I been wanting to visit Japan. (As weeb as that sounds)
and the opportunity opened itself up I grabbed it with both hands and took it.

There are many thoughts circulating my mind as I think of my future adventure.
Most of them are positive, but one of my biggest fear will become possible once I reach my destination, and that is....getting lost.

I know getting lost is not a big deal, we have GPS's that aid us when we take the wrong path...but being in a foreign country with no cellular connection has me suffering the famous hibijibis.

That put aside I am overall quite excited to be able to participate in the opportunity to explore foreign territory (to me).

As the due dates near there are multiple knicks and knacks I have to accomplish. I still must purchase my plane ticket, figure out what to pack, find on plane ride essentials, book hostels, and just so many other requirements to attain before departing.

I plan on updating what will be on my carry-on bag and possibly my luggage here on the blog. I might (MIGHT) also post my over all plan for my future adventure. 

I will defiantly keep everyone posted on what I do everyday once I actually do I arrive to Japan. There will also be a daily vlog to come along. So...subscribe to my Youtube channel if you wanna see someone get lost in Kyoto and Tokyo~

This is my life. My beautiful life, and I love it.