Study Abroad l Summer 2015

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In most Universities it is often advised to participate in a study abroad program. I have fallen under the university's advice and applied to a summer study abroad program. The program that I have embarked on is: Intensive Japanese in Kyoto.

Ever since I was a child I been wanting to visit Japan. (As weeb as that sounds)
and the opportunity opened itself up I grabbed it with both hands and took it.

There are many thoughts circulating my mind as I think of my future adventure.
Most of them are positive, but one of my biggest fear will become possible once I reach my destination, and that is....getting lost.

I know getting lost is not a big deal, we have GPS's that aid us when we take the wrong path...but being in a foreign country with no cellular connection has me suffering the famous hibijibis.

That put aside I am overall quite excited to be able to participate in the opportunity to explore foreign territory (to me).

As the due dates near there are multiple knicks and knacks I have to accomplish. I still must purchase my plane ticket, figure out what to pack, find on plane ride essentials, book hostels, and just so many other requirements to attain before departing.

I plan on updating what will be on my carry-on bag and possibly my luggage here on the blog. I might (MIGHT) also post my over all plan for my future adventure. 

I will defiantly keep everyone posted on what I do everyday once I actually do I arrive to Japan. There will also be a daily vlog to come along. So...subscribe to my Youtube channel if you wanna see someone get lost in Kyoto and Tokyo~

This is my life. My beautiful life, and I love it.

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