Japan | Ghibli Museum and Harajuku

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My day began at around 8:30ish. I slept about 6 hours and it was beyond magical! Especially after the crazy night I had last night! Anyways, for breakfast I had a croissant and juice from 7/11 and then Michelle and I headed off to Mitaka to visit the Ghibli Museum!

I've had the ticket reserved for about two months and today I finally visited the museum!

It took us about 30 minutes to get there by train.

The Ghibli museum is a magical world that Hayou Miyazaki opened to the public to show how his films are done and to allow people to live in that world for a short while. Unfortunately you are not allowed to film or take photographs inside the museum whichever as a complete bummer because it was so beautiful! I felt that I was in a Ghibli story. 

We ate at the restaurant there! Almost everything had pork which made me sad so I ended up eating pasta. It was really yummy, it wasn't themed which made me a bit sad, but being inside the little hat shop was so much a nice environment and when you are really hungry anything is tasty!

We spent a total of four hours (give or take) and I felt it wasn't enough. I wish to spend a whole day there just walking around and catching all the detail in the museum had to offer.

Once we were done exploring the museum Michelle and I returned to the hotel where we took an hour nap (we kept dozing off in the train).

After the power nap we headed off to Harajuku for a while. I had crepes again! And this time I got cheesecake with strawberries.

We also visited some shops where I purchased a few things, mostly clothes and omiyage. And as I bought things I realized how little space I have in my luggage. Thank god I have become a pro a real-life Tetris!

For dinner we had Omurice

By 8pm everything was closing so Michelle and I returned back to the hotel...where I have two videos to edit! 

Tomorrow, will be my last day in Japan and I have a few errands to run. Hopefully Michelle and I visit the Government Building, because I did not get the chance last time.

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