21 Goals for Being 21

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Being 21 in the USA is the key door into official adulthood…even though we are considered adults by 18.  ( I know weird )

I don’t feel 21, and I still look like I am 16…and sometimes I feel like I am 18 or 20. Life is strange.

That’s the thing, you never feel your age because you never know how your age is suppose to be like. We all only an age once. And I am not here to philosophy about the idea of age and numbers and how it is unnecessary to life and what not.

Time is ticking and there are things to be done in this ’special’ stage of my life. (It’s not really special, like let us be honest here)

But that does not mean I will try not to make it special! *insert party popper noise here*

I’ve decided to create 21 goals. Goals are a bit personal and just general goals that people who are of official 100% legal age should have.

1. LEARN HOW TO FLIPPING DRIVE ( That’s right I can’t drive and I keep putting it off. )
2. Buy a drink with my own ID.
3. Properly flip pancakes ( I always destroy pancakes, it has gotten out of hand)
4. Learn to be my own best friend.
5. Stop worrying so much about my future. ( Grown-ups don’t know what they are doing half the time either )
6. Accept change, people will leave you, but others will come along.
7. Keep waking up early. (Not like 6am early, but 8am/9am early)
8. Smile to more strangers ( Bring sunshine to the world )
9. Actually read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy ( for real-sies this time )
10. Did I mention get my license? I’m going to throw this in again for emphasis
11. Learn a new skill (like driving), something silly like juggling.
12. Keep making time to read new books
13. Stop being a scary-cat and dye your hair that insane ombre, it grows back. IT IS NOW OR NEVER.
14. Finish at least ONE video game ( FFX or LoZ )
15. Try not to freak out about minor things. Stuff happens sometimes, no need for a mental breakdown.
16. Treat yo self (not every day!, but enough that it makes you feel like it is christmas )
17. Stop being too hard on myself. Walt Disney and J.K Rowling never gave up. So neither should you.
18. Keep raising that credit score!
19. Don’t skip the sunscreen. ( I am dead serious )
20. Expand your literature, read more non-fiction.
21. Create happiness. Remember what Dumbledore said!

Happy 21st Cycle Around the Sun


How To Overcome Travel Fears

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I have massive travel anxiety. It stresses me out till the point that I cry silently on my bed imagining all possible outcomes. It's pretty bad. 

I don't know if you guys know this, but I will be moving to Japan soon! (Not for ever). I honestly don't know why I thought it'd be a good idea to spend a semester abroad. The emotions upon the days of my departure from the land of the sun corrupted the sanity of my thoughts. I'm gonna come back, I said. And going back I am. But at what cost? (Several thousand dollars and my sanity).

I don't know what has me more twisted. Traveling on a plane for 12+ hours again or being on my own for about 5 months. 

I am an odd human soul. I crave companionship, I need a human presence near me, but at the same time I like being on my own. 

If you ask me to pick between going to a concert or having out in a museum I'd have to ask with whom. I'd go to a concert if I had someone to be with, if not I'd go to a museum. I hope I make sense.

Anyways, this massive change in my life has had me a bit frantic. I usually try not to think too much about the upcoming chapters of my life. I avoid it. So very much. Which is a problem, because the time is crawling to an end. Months became weeks. Soon to become days. To hours. These thoughts bring wrecking sensations to my skin. Picture that episode from spongebob, where we get a glimpse inside his mind and there is chaos, havoc and lots of screaming. 

That's me.

Becoming an adultier adult is creeping towards me. 

All though, all is not lost! Because I have slowly overcome this anxiety and fear. SLOWLY

1. I plan things - by planning things the idea of being in a foreign country for long doesn't seem as insane. I have already planned a vacation, and few sites I wanna visit and what I will be cooking for the first month. 

2. I talk to friends - Sometime that has helped me a lot is talking to my friends. And by talking I freak out and ramble on to them until I exhaust myself into oblivion. It is nice exerting my feelings out to someone who is not myself or my bird. Especially when someone friends pat my head and tell me that I am a Queen and I can conquer anything. (And they'll push into bushes anyone who hurts me.)

3. Distraction, Tea, Distraction - Moving and traveling is overwhelming in general. The act and the thought. So I keep myself distracted with activities such as working out, reading, working and reading. 

4. Tell yourself everything is gonna be okay - Every night I lay in bed and remind myself that this my path and my story. These will be the interesting parts I will get to talk about, and everything will be okay. 

I am very pathetic I know. But I embrace my pathetic awkwardness. 

I feel like this massive leap of "I can do it" will help nudge the other dreams I have in the corner hiding, waiting to be taken a look at. 

Maybe it's just me. 

Traveling is fun, adventures are fun, having your own place is fun. 



Shades of Magic | Join the Adventure

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Image a world where several dimensions of the world we live in touch one another as thin walls waiting to be opened. Image London, good. 

Now image four Londons, and the borders the keep the dimensions from collapsing on top of each other thin. Nice and thin. Almost like paper. Paper you have to cross through. 

Image a man, by the name of Kell. One of the few people who can make this passage between the different dimensions. Kell is also a bit of a smuggler. An illegal business of transferring objects from other dimensions to other. Image this man, this smuggler, getting caught. By a cross-dressing pirate who can slit your throat if you don’t follow her words.

I'd rather die on an adventure than live standing still.

Are you intrigued yet? I hope so.

Welcome to A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. (You can read my complete review HERE, and learn a bit more about one of the best books of 2015)

On February 23rd, the second installment of this story will be published and I am pretty much freaking out. ( I've been wearing redish lipstick almost everyday as a form of celebration )

If you guys have not read A Darker Shade of Magic yet you are in luck! Because the paperback version has been officially released ( and it cheaper than the hardback obviously). I promise you it is worth the money you will spend on your copy, digital or physical. With the sequel coming out this month you better jump on the banwagon soon and join the Shades of Magic family. 

We are all screaming and we need more people to scream with!