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I seem to have become some sort of a foodie upon my visit to Sydney. I keep searching through Pinterest for yummy looking food and then go off looking for them. Is that the first step to becoming a foodie? I highly doubt I will become a foodie, I just like eating food and visually pleasing food can sometimes be the greatest thing ever.

Before my visit to Sydney I had a few food dishes I was dying to try and I have gone to a few of them. I have also found some other food places on the way. 

While some of these prices seem pretty expensive remember that I am putting it in Australian dollars and usually it is me and another person having the dishes. Also quality beats quantity. 

Sappho Book Cafe & Wine Bar
Iced Latte 
Chicken with veggies wrap
14 AUD

I originally wanted an egg brekky because it seem like the popular thing on the menu, but when it was my turn to order they had run out of eggs! I was devastated (and hungry) so I went with a simple chicken wrap, and it was okay. I also ordered a chai tea latte and somehow ended up with a iced coffee latte..I think my American accent my have been lost in translation. While the food might have been okay I felt like the atmosphere of old books more than made up for it.


Paramount Coffee Project
Passionfruit and elderflower soda
Almond milk iced latte
Creole Jambalaya
Soft Baked eggs
48 AUD

The vibe of this place was very hipster and millennial, it had the whole chic combined with minimalism going on for it. It was also a bit pricey for a typical traveller or university student, but the food was so delicious it was worth the extra couple of dollars you pay for your meal. The drinks on the other hand were not worth the money, they felt bland and watery for my own personal taste. Especially the soda, it just tasted like boring fizzy water with no real flavor.

80 Commonwealth St
Surry Hills Sydney 2010

3 Williams
Golden Gaytime French Toast 
Iced Latte
Duck Narnie
39 AUD

I originally was super excited for this restaurant because the images I saw online showed a fruit overload french toast and what I got was a chocolate surprise. I think the fruity one is a seasonal. I just saw the word french toast without reading the description and just ordered it. It had chocolate crisps, cereal and chip and a bunch of chocolate sauce…it was too much for my taste buds ( I am not really a chocolate person….). The duck narnie was like a fajita but with veggies and peking duck…it was my first time trying duck and I am still not sure how I feel about it.

613a Elizabeth St 
Redfern NSW 2016

Aqua S
Matcha Sea Salt Swirl with extras
Royal Milk Tea Sea Salt Swirl
12 AUD

Oh my god, this ice cream was the best. It is hidden away in a plaza called Regent Place and it was everything I ever wanted and more. If there is one Sydney recommendation it would be have ice cream here! The ice cream flavors change fortnightly, they can range from matcha, royal milk ta, mango, milo, grape, creme brulee! Also you can add the most adorable toppings, but be warned…the candy floss is very sweet and if you are not a crazy sweet tooth it is unlikely that you will finish it. (Get it for the instagram picture though)

Regent Place 
501 George St 
NSW 2000

Tenko Mori
Tamara Ramen on Miso Broth
Apple Qoo
9.90 AUD

This ramen house is located in the same plaza as Aqua S (the plaza is actually very Korean/Japanese). I haven’t had ramen since my time in Japan and this bowl of ramen brought back good memories. The place also offers Japanese curry and bento boxes, but I think you should have the ramen rather than that other stuff.

Regent Place 
501 George St 
NSW 2000

High Tea for 2 - Includes:
tea (4 servings per person)
scones, cakes, sweets and savory finger sandwiches
65 AUD

I have never had high tea with the fancy china and the fancy finger food...and it was one of my dreams to have proper high tea while dressing super fancy. I was super happy I was able to do it, I was smiling all day. (Heehee) While this is pretty pricey it is an experience and the finger food was to die for and believe or not you are actually quite full and satisfied after feasting on all the goodies.

4th Floor of QVB

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